Sunday, February 26, 2017

Skiing with the little ones

Our plan is simple: do whatever it takes to get the kids skiing. Sometimes that means no runs for us. Sometimes that means driving for twice as long as we actually end up skiing.

We keep at it. Wearing down the their resistance. Yes, that's it...resistance is futile...skiing is fun...skiing is fun...skiing is fun.

And it's working!

good, weight forward turns - we told him to put his hands on his knees
weight back - plenty of time to fix that. I'll make it a part of the "stand on the sweet spot" lesson

getting the evil eye from O

By the end of the (lift served) season N was doing blue runs top to bottom without help. Next year we'll add some more lessons between our legs to help a narrower stance, get the feel of edging and introduce weighting and unweighting - the flow from turn to turn. And how to get up on his own. Especially how to get up on his own.
Next year O gets to go leashless.

great slush in the sun

Dilly Dally Alley

go N!

asleep. not kidding

O was asleep until about 1/4 way down Mary Jane run. Then he REALLY liked it!

A great day in the slush. The kids skied more than ever before.
The adults actually skied (we even got one good bump run apiece at the end of the day).