Saturday, July 22, 2017

July ski - bagged!

People sometimes ask me if our monthly ski has to be any particular length or vertical drop or time...


The Lefthand Reservoir snow patch was smaller than we hoped this year. Life's rough.

The kids wanted to wear capes. Uh, OK. Wouldn't want to be 'cape-ists' now would we?
N blasts off
O sends it

T shuts it down
I know this looks preposterously aggressive for this little patch of snow but I got FOUR turns in. those turns don't happen by themselves. you've got to BE the turn.

the view above from the dam. a nice day

Rocky Mountain National Park Backpack trip with the Boys

What a difference a year makes. O can (almost entirely) walk the 1.9 miles to our reserved campsite so we both get to use real backpacks – no big kid carrier needed!

this year's backpack - 54 lbs with camera gear - what luxury!
last year's backpack - 75-80ish pounds with O - woof!
completely fearless
This trip was lower elevation and warmer than last year's, so we ditched the kids bulky sleeping bags and all slept under two rectangular bags zipped together as a big quilt.

Clothing needs were also minimal: a set of long underwear, rainwear (top and bottom), warm weather shirts and shorts, a fleece jacket each - simple.
as always, we took it slow (about 1 mile per hour)
great trail. occasionally we would get a hit of that extra-wonderful fir forest smell

very hungry elk do this
with the right tent stake, camp had an unusual convenience built right in (don't pound it in very far or it'll never come out)
got stick? wacka-wacka. things little boys do

see-saw. things little boys do

next day's hike in a light rain

O didn't hike the entire way (2.6mi, one way)

watch the stick buster!
lovely forest

Sand Beach Lake. this place confuses me: only young trees within 10 vertical feet of the lake level. lack of nutrients in the sand? old lake level was higher? questions questions...
got hole?
get in hole

a tasty snack back at camp
they stood facing each other and took turns waving their arms and roaring at each other. things little boys do

love these tiny clips 1
love these tiny clips 2
love these tiny clips 3

next day's hike out