Tuesday, September 19, 2017

2017 - September ski - we're not proud, we hit St. Mary's again

Our ski oracle said to rejoice - new snow had already hit the Northern Rockies and even graced Steamboat and A-Basin with some skiable (for us) snow. Our oracle said: wait and yee shall be rewarded with convenient, though, thin, fresh pow. Believe! Have faith!

HA! Our oracle is always saying things like that. We know it's always better to not wait until the end of the month and stress over what's supposed to be a fun outing. We took a school holiday and tagged our September ski at St. Mary's Glacier. Again. When you're hungry, even a fast-food burger tastes good and St. Mary's did not disappoint: lumpy and dirty on a lovely warm Fall day. Bonus: Fall colors!

our new BFF secret parking spot

we ski up the gully around the corner

We had a great ski.

The drive back, however, was just horribly, painfully, slow owing to a car ahead of us on 93 bursting into flames. Road closed. Go back, go around Rocky Flats (we were almost to 128 - it would have save an hour), wait in line at every light. Countless light cycles before getting to turn...ouch!

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